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What is CIP?

The Canadian Internet Project / Projet Internet Canada (CIP) is a representational survey of Canadians that provides data and analysis for ongoing research in the area of internet use and non-use patterns. The study explores the behaviour and attitudes of both users and non-users and the economic, cultural, and social implications of the internet in Canada, in comparative perspective. CIP is also a partner of The World Internet Project (WIP); an international research consortium which exchanges and compares data obtained in response to a subset of 30 questions posed in more than sixteen countries worldwide. The initial Canadian study coordinated by CIP in 2004 constitutes a benchmark survey, from which it is anticipated that a panel will be formed for longitudinal study every second year.


The participating partners in CIP include academic, industry and government stakeholders. The senior and governing partner in CIP is the academic stakeholder: Canadian Media Research Consortium / Consortium Canadien de Recherche sur les Médias (CMRC/CCRM). The CMRC is a not-for-profit partnership of three university organizations dedicated to leading-edge research and the promotion of public discussion on the Canadian media. These include: York University and Ryerson University (in partnership), University of British Columbia and L’école des Hautes études commerciales – Université Laval. The industry partner is Bell Canada. Government of Canada partners and funding contributors come from the following departments: Canadian Heritage, Industry Canada and Treasury Board Secretariat Chief Information Officer Branch. Additionally, Telefilm Canada and the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) are collaborators.


The project is supported by two renowned research centres: CITÉ de l’Université de Montréal (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Emerging Technologies), and the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies (York University)


CIP is peer reviewed by an Advisory Council comprised of members from various academic institutions and representatives from private and public undertakings. Project Co-Directors and the Principal Investigators for the study are: Professor Charles Zamaria ( Ryerson University ) and Dr. André H. Caron (Université de Montréal). Dr. Fred Fletcher, The Chair of CMRC (York University), will also collaborate on the research tasks.


The survey (questionnaire) was conducted in Spring, 2004. The timeline for analysis and reportage of the output is December, 2004. In addition, a network of Research Associates is being established who will use data from the study for further investigation and publication. The methodology involves 3,014 telephone interviews using 75-80 questions, among a randomly selected, sample of Canadians (over-weighted for Quebec ).

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